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Stars Wars Saga Adventure Path - Episdode II "Black Sun Rising" Part 01a

Secured Transmission from Agent Eshka......Suspected Anti-Republic Group Activity: R-90 and Roger, Jedi Talia, Padawan Wrabbler, Tizzit and Bob, Xol Dul, and Khorrahg'ga

Khorrahg'ga has been bust out of prison. Eshka had snuck on to the imperial star destroyer that he had been imprisoned on, and helped him escape, doing an elaborate series of hyperspace jumps with the Empire on their heels. Eshka has informed Khorrahg'ga that Darth Vader has killed Master Nu. On Coruscant, Nu had contracted Eshka to help her get to Holocron database in the former Jedi Temple. However, they ran into a new Lord of the Sith: Darth Vader. Once he became involved, it was clear that the mission was doomed to failure. Nu’s last wish: to spring Khorrahg'ga from prison and deliver him back to his ship. He is charged with the important task of warning Talia and Wrabbler. Nu’s last mission for them was to warn any other Jedi of Vader, the new Sith threat, to gather their strength so that they can fight to bring him down.

Khorrahg'ga stepped out onto the sand, recognizing his tick-ship landed outside a large, round structure. He made his way inside, finding Roger standing guard. Roger informed the party of the wookiee’s return, while Khorrahg'ga did a once-over on the ship’s systems. He was dismayed to realize that the ship was registered to Xol Dul under Imperial law. He scavenged a commlink from the cargo bay and contacted the rest of the group, who he had not heard from in some time. They were all enjoying a party inside Jabba’s palace, and mentioned that they had just killed a Rancor, and thus won Jabba’s favor. They came out to meet him to get him past the bouncer, and they entered the party. Meanwhile, Warbler had taken a few too many drinks for someone of his body weight, and decided to recover on the ship. Xol Dul had faded back into the shadows after the fight, and the rest of the group lost track of him. The remaining partygoers, having impressed Jabba, had been invited onto the sail barge, and thus, they boarded the vessel to continue the party. Drinks and merriment were had. The sail barge made its way out over to the pit of Carkoon. Jabba’s men threw an unfortunate aqualish smuggler into the waiting maw. Sometime thereafter, the group was summoned to speak with Jabba. Jabba offered them leads on a few Jedi bounties, with the client of course being the empire. He offered them this information with a caveat: if they turned in these bounties to the empire without giving Jabba his cut, the group would suffer the same fate as the aqualish smuggler. Bob asked Jabba about the possibility of dragons, of which Jabba did not know- however, he would pay handsomely for such a creature to be brought in alive. After some commiseration, the group agreed to accept the information given. Jabba gave mention of three leads: The aqualish smuggler had run into mechanical issue on his ship and crash-landed on the remote planet of Cophrigin V. He claimed to have been nursed back to health by a Jedi woman. However, he had exposed his glitterstim shipment to light, ruining it. Thus, he lost Jabba a lot of money and needed to be executed.

The second lead was for a young togruta, last seen on the agricultural moon of Raada. The group’s cut of the bounty for her death is 20,000, with 40,000 for her capture.

The last is general Rahm Kohta, who has been using hit-and run techniques with his battalion of clones. He was last seen on Saleucami, and the empire will pay for information which leads to his capture. Again Jabba reiterates that the group will be killed if he doesn’t get his cut. The party’s cut would be 50,000 credits in this case.

The group also asked if they could enter the lower levels of his palace when they returned, to which Jabba agreed. The protocol droid cautioned them not to break any jars.

The group had a few more drinks as the sail barge headed back. It was starting to get dark as they arrived back at the palace. The group headed down past the gammorrean guards, and ran into Obi-Wan. He mentioned that he had made contact with the monks in the lower levels, but he did not wish to discuss it in the palace. So, they reconvened on the ship. Obi-wan asked that R-90 do a sweep for recording devices, which he did. He also realized that Roger still had Eshka’s tracking device in him. Not sure if it would spy on them, they told him to sit in the cargo bay. Then, the rest of their group deactivated their comms. Obi-wan admonished the group for their rashness and lack of foresight or planning, He then mentioned that he had made contact with the inhabitants of the monastery: the monks of the B’omarr order. They shun materialism, and the higher members of their order have had their brains removed from their bodies, so that they can ponder the mysteries of the universe with fewer distractions. Khorrahg'ga relayed the message that Eshka told him to send.  Obi-wan disagreed with the sentiment, and encouraged the group to lay low, settle down somewhere, and start a moisture farm. Bob decided that this would be too boring; the rest of the party seemed to agree with this sentiment.

During this conversation, R-90 brought up the “balloon” that he had found on Bob’s unconscious body, and the fact that she had used force lightning. Talia and Obi-wan tried to discern the true nature of this object, and found that it was the crystalline heart. Obi-wan examined it, and it asked to cleanse him. He placed it down on the table, unnerved by it. Under normal circumstances, he would have it studied. However, he had a bad feeling about this object. He recommended that the party destroy it, much to Bob’s dismay. The party agreed to give the Heart to Obi-Wan, who told Bob that he would keep it safe. However, he intended to destroy it when he had the chance. Talia and Bob walked him to his speeder. Again, he encouraged them to lay low, but acknowledged that they might be too headstrong to heed him. He told Talia to get in touch if she made it back to Tattooine, got on his speeder bike, and drove off into the twin sunset over the dune sea.

The group took off and headed toward the first planet on the list: Cophrigin V. In Hyperspace Talia accessed the Holocron that Obi-Wan had given her. It was a hologram of Obi-wan, relaying the following message:

“This is master obi wan Kenobi. I regret to report that both our Jedi order and the Republic have fallen, with the dark shadow of the Empire rising to take their place. This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Jedi: trust in the force. Do not return to the temple; that time has passed, and our future is uncertain. We will each be challenged: our trust, our faith, our friendships. But we must persevere, and in time, a new hope will emerge. May the Force be with you, always.”

They searched the planet with the force, and narrowed down their search for the Jedi. They set down and searched the jungle, and before long, they ran into a female human. The group discovered that she was the Jedi known as the Dark Woman. She had come to this planet in exile after Order 66. A smuggler had crash-landed his ship on her planet, and she had helped him escape offering parts of her own ship for him to salvage, stranding herself, but letting him escape. He had betrayed her location to Jabba, which is what led the party here. The party undertook a week of training under her tutelage, culminating in a tournament. Talia and Warbler now have the knowledge needed to construct their own lightsaber, though they lack the proper equipment.

The group offered to take her somewhere else, and she acquiesced. They dropped her on the mossy world of Lah’mu before heading to Saleucami. They used the force to try to get a feel for Kohta’s location, and they sensed a presence on the far side of the planet. They flew closer, and saw an imperial cruiser bombarding a small structure and the sands around it. They received a hail from the structure, and Kohta appeared on screen. He asked them to take out that cruiser’s shields, or at least distract it. Khorrahg'ga and the crew took the ship on a few strafing runs, taking out the primary shield generator. The structure moved beneath the sand, revealing a frigate, out of which multiple ARC-170 fighters scrambled. The cruiser deployed its complement of TIEs as well, and fierce combat ensued. The smaller force, with the help of the crew of the Tick Ship, managed to disable the cruiser’s engines, causing it to crash-land on the desert’s surface. The ARC-170s as well as the tick ship landed in the hangar of the frigate, which left the atmosphere and jumped into hyperspace. The party disembarked, and met General Rahm Kohta, and his clone troopers. He thanked them for their assistance and offered for them to meet his allies and join the fight against the Empire.

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Star Wars Adventure Path: Holonet News

We have received information that the expeditionary vessel that sailed outside of our galaxy has returned. The Asogian have shared with us some of their findings, and it is believed that one of the planets they have visited has evidence of similar lifeforms present within our galaxy. What is surprising that these primitive beings also co-exsist with some type of wookie like creature.

There is even evidence to suggest these creature observe the Kashyyk festival known as "Lifeday". Our linguist expert were surprised that these wookie like creatures are capable of speech. We are still trying to translate the nature of these transmission. So far are scientists are entertained by the fact that there is indeed life beyond our galaxy!

The Trandoshan Pod Racing Dewback Invatational
It is that time of year again fans for pod Racing. We already have started the season as many contenders are now racing across various invitationals hoping to qualify for the Galactic Grand Prix. Follow our star Races "Razzacks Untanomo" to the Mon Gazza Speedway, Baroo Coast, Grabvine Gateway, and finally to Bontu Eve Classic. Here is some exciting footage from last year run on Ryloth, where Razzack's took the lead five times in the Brightlands.


Stars Wars Saga Adventure Path - Episdode I "The Crystalline Heart" Part 09a

Imperial Press Corp Field Report......
Suspected Anti-Republic Group Activity: R-90 and Roger, Jedi Talia, L, Padawan Wrabbler, Tizzit and Bob, Xol Dul, J-04N (Human Scout).
Not Sighted: Khorrahg'ga, PK-17 (Scout Labor Droid)

Everyone was shaken over the failed attempt at rescuing Khorrahg'ga. Instead they located an Imperial Detention Center on the norther hemisphere of Kashyyyk. They had hoped perhaps he was being held there, they really had no idea. Wrabbler had discover that L was found in a cell with about 12 dead Wookies. He didn't say anything about it to anyone. Talia and th others managed to sneak in an assault the guards, but within minutes of their attack once the power and communication went offline, and Imperial Cruiser began to bombard the Detention Center. It was best to leave no trace, just in case as riots had already broken out at several Wookie Processing facilities world-wide. Meanwhile they have been outside the system figuring out another plan.

While checking the ship, L and Talia went to get some much need treatment in the medical bay. The EMD (Emergency Medical Droid) was more than happy to assist. He would take them one at a time, Talia first, then anyone else who need a treatment. Roger and R-90 were assessing the damage to their systems, and R-90 had Roger asist him in removing the tracker he had found from Eshka. The other members of the crew relaxed and just thought on what to do next. "Bob" was awakened by a feint whisper from the ventilation shaft, "Oy! BoB! Wake up! Why are you asleep when there is so many fun stuff to do". Bob was curious that the voice was her own and asked who it was. The voice responded that it was her from the future, and that she wanted her to let her know she was going to be a powerful JEDI! Bob wa excited, as she thought perhaps that path was closed ever sent she was introduced to her new bestest friend Tizzit. The other Bob told her that she would be a great Jedi, and the first few steps were to get a hold of a lightsaber and the crystalline heart that Talia had. The heart could help teach her some amazing powers. Bob remembered hearing about Aryn, and how he had a special "crystal" too. Perhaps this was her chance. The voice told her the only thing she had to do was simple borrow the crystal from Talia. Right now she was asleep, if she asked the EMD nicely....perhaps she could keep it safe. She walked over to the medical bay and saw that the EMD was administer a Bacta treatment and setting some of the wounds. Bob walked up and asked about the "Crystalline Heart", the EMD was very helpful and let her know that she did have such a piece. Bob asked nicely if she could take care of it for her. The EMD saw nothing wrong as this was a former padawan and gave her the object. A small jolt emanated from the crystal as soon as Bob took it. This jolt that was unnoticed and wiped out the last few seconds of the EMD memory.

When Talia got up she checked herself and found that the crystal was missing! She inquired the EMD, and he had no recollection of such an object being removed. He only stated that the small child, Bob, came in to say hi and then quickly left. Talia headed to the common room, L had just gone in for a quick treatment and she was aware that Xul Dul was piloting the ship. Wrabbler, J-04N, Bob/Tizzit, and the droids were there. She let them know something was wrong as the Crystalline Heart was missing. Given the nature of the crystal, there were a few who would be suspect. Everyone here had a reason or two to take the crystal for themselves; 1) R-90 could be under the influence of Eschka, 2) L was falling to the darkside and its corruption could have influenced him to take it, 3) J-04N did just easily desert from the Imperial forces and could be a spy, 4) Xul Dul was only in it for the money and the crystal was definitely worth something, and even 5) Wrabbler was suspect as he seeming had acquired his own special crystal as well. A few moments later everyone was bickering on where or who the crystal could be with. Even Bob was suspect and was made to turn out her pockets, just junk and other knick knacks were found such as a red balloon. Soon it came to a consensus that the only one with any motivation was L. L did not take kindly to such accusations, and already feeling the pull of the darkside one of his fears was coming true...his friends were turning on him. Feeling that things were going south he quickly pulled out his lightsaber. Soon everyone had a weapon out and Bob hid behind Tizzit. As the tension grew soon a conflict erupted out and weapons were discharged. L defended himself from attacks as Talia and Wrabbler attempted to disarm him. Instead L propelled the lightsaber into Talia's shoulder. He used the force push power to knock them all down and ran to the cargo hold. R-90 quickly locked him in and it was decided that since he had gone rogue they were going to vent him out into space. L had moments to figure something out and remember that Khorrahg'ga had a one man escape vehicle secured just in case. It had just enough power to make a jump once to a predetermined planet in case aid was needed. The problem though it was never reset. As the warning that the pressure was decrease and soon the cargo doors opened, L managed to strap himself in and prep the device for a quick jump. Once he and the ship was dragged out of the airlock he could safely make the jump to lightspeed and hope he ended up somewhere better than here. R-90 and the rest of the crew ran to the bridge to see if there was any sign of L. They soon saw that he was in a small vehicle and was powering it up. Talia and Xul Dul began to shoot at the small ship hoping to take L prisoner. They managed to hit it, but L managed to get away.

Talia and Wrabbler reached out again, and there was no sign of the Crystalline Hearts presence. From what Talia could gather, L had ended up in on a planet with three suns. She really had no idea where he was and seemed lost in the galaxy. R-90 though made a suggestion to route that info and find such a world through the Hyperdrive Index of Inhabited Trinary Stars Systems. It would take some time, but at least they would have a lead. In the meantime Talia went to receive medical attention. Bob again heard a familiar whisper from the vents "Congratulations! You managed to defeat a very bad guy who was a Sith Lord! I knew we could do it!", and Bob was happy with the encouragement her "futureself" was giving. "Now, Bob, I mean me... since we are a proper Jedi now, we needs ourself a lightsaber. Since we defeated L we should take his don't you think?". Bob was a little hesitant, but the voice was sooo compelling. As it said, this was her path to becoming a great Jedi. She walked into the med bay again and while Talia was undergoing treatment, borrowed the lightsaber and went to the cargo hold to practice. Once again Talia was wondering what was going on when she couldn't find the lightsaber. This time she reached out with the force and saw Bob playing with it. She scolded Bob, saying that it was not a toy and tried to take it away.
Tizzit came in as her connection with Bob alerted her of something gone awry and saw Talia over her charge. They had a discussion about Bob and how she should not be playing with a lightsaber. Tizzit convinced by Bob's thought pointed out she was in training to be a jedi as a padawan, and that was her natural calling. After all she was instructed in the fundamentals  of its use. Bob also pointed out that she is often endanger without a way to protect herself, and if Talia cared for her she would teach her. Bob gave Talia her big kitty kat eyes, and Talia agreed that she could use the lightsaber and she would teach her or have Wrabbler do it. Fortunately R-90's computation had finished. The bad part was that the three planets indicated were past Coruscant in the core. It would be a long trip and they needed to refuel, Xul Dul suggested perhaps a stop on Trandosha would be a could place to refuel and check upon Khorrahg'ga.

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Stars Wars Saga Adventure Path - Episdode I "The Crystalline Heart" Part 08a

Imperial Press Corp Field Report......
Suspected Anti-Republic Group Activity: R-90 and Roger, Jedi Talia, L, Padawan Wrabbler, Tizzit and Bob, Xol Dul, J-04N (Human Scout).
Not Sighted: Khorrahg'ga, PK-17 (Scout Labor Droid)

After experiencing the event with the Crystalline Heart, the group was somewhat at a loss. They had found an artifact of the Rakata that seemed to hold a great power. It was dangerous in the wrong hands, so Talia kept it safe with her. R-90 went to retrieve his datapad from the crystal prison of Gorgon when he noticed that the interface had fully incorporated it in its console. Bob alerted everyone hat Tizzit was coming too, Tizzit was a bit confused at what had happened, there was a great many things she had missed out on and her only memories was that of Bob's which were very confusing to say. L and Talia started to look for a way out, and R-90 asked Roger to use his sensors to see if there were any other corridors here. As far as they could tell there was only the Upper Entry Chamber and the Lower one they were in.
L decided to risk it again and talk to Gorgon. They wanted to know more about the ruins. R-90 began to run a self-diagnostic, as he was concerned that he was malfunctioning. He had no recordings of what had transpired with the "Crystalline Heart" or the meeting with "Kento Marak". He did discover as he was repairing himself that a transmitter had activated. It seems that Eshka had added a new device when she was having her private time with him. He and Roger did their best to deactivate it, but it was something they need help with as it would compromise R-90's system.

Gorgon informed them that this was not only and archive but a prison complex as well, from R-90's datapad he surmised that a few thousand years had passed. That would explain why the sensor network might be down and he was unable to communicate with other sections. Gorgon was unhappy that the "Hairy Ones" infested his once pristine planet. After complaining for a bit he finally told him that there was indeed more area of the complex. There was at least several level below them, one with a hangar. Yet before they could continue the conversation, they heard explosion above. Roger used his sensors and could detect at least 20 individuals up top.

Meanwhile in orbit aboard the Ventor Class Destroyer, Ihipptoo......

Lt. commander Mykel of the Imperial Navy was assigned to watch over the Trandoshan system. A few month ago the Trandoshan in the senate made a move to gain control of the system after the treacherous wookies turned upon the Galactic Forces during the Clone Wars. Kashyyyk was now a off limits military sectors, only Trandoshan Hunting parties and Imperial Convoys were allowed in the system. This meant that there was increased piracy in the area. Many individuals took it upon themselves to start doing illicit runs, either for supplies to and from Kashyyyk, communication/intelligence runs, or attempting to smuggle refugees out. So far he did his best to curb the pirates, but lately there were a series of unknown vessles that were entering the system. These vessels were far superior to any known craft on the Imperial database.
One well known menace was Captain Tor, he was wanted in over 23 systems for acts of lewd behavior, theft, murder, and general piracy. He also holds several death sentences on a myriad of planets, and had escaped each prison he was put in. Apparently this Captain Tor was very charismatic and made friends everywhere. Sooner or later he would slip up and today was that day.
He had received communication from a vessel that snuck in from a Verpine who was captured by Captain Tor and his crew. They were held prisoners in a wookie village. Captain Tor had also managed to become leader of the vllage as well. Lt. Commander Mykel assembled his squad for a rescue mission and to capture Captain Tor as well. He appointed J-04N to lead the rescue party.

As they ships got within range of the village they began to fire, trapping the wookies within their village by destroying the front gate. Those that attempted to flee by boat were shot out of the water. As those ships landed dozens of troops came out and began to open fire. Some of the wookies resisted and fought back killing some of the stormtroopers. Those that could be captured were questioned about Captain Tor.
It seems the Verpine were not alone, and quickly explained to the storm troopers how he and his colleagues were take prisoner by Captain Tor.
He also informed them that another party, possibly more prisoners or allies were forced into the ruins by Captain Tor as well. The Storm trooper called it in and informed the Lt. Commander who advised to let the "creepy bug-people" go. The insectoids quickly got aboard Khorrahg'ga ship and left.

The Ruins....

J-04N lead his squad as tactical point, he only joined a month ago when he heard that the Clone Troopers would be phasing out and they needed the sons and daughters of the Empire to take up the new mantle of protectors across the galaxy. His team quickly assessed the situation of the ruins, and made a schematic of the locations. The structure seemed sound and they could easily clear the rubble to an entrance shaft with a few well place grenades. As soon as the opening was clear, a second team in and braced the new opening. They carefully proceeding in not knowing what or who to expect.

The rest of the party could hear that load explosion and prepared to hide. Xul Dul quickly faded into the shadows, Roger hid in the cavern, and everyone else was ready to attack if necessary. Talia could here their movements, and Wrabbler disappeared. Whoever it was was slowly approaching with caution, they were examining the upper level. The Storm troopers above found an inactive droid, they gave it enough auxiliary power to operate its motor functions. It was identified as PK-17, a labor droid. It would be taken in and its memory banks searched. J-04N  had his team secure the perimeter and he lead a few members down the stairwell of the creepy ruins, the dim yellow lights from the crystal reflected off their shiny white armor.
Talia was first to make contact by asking who they were. J-04N responded that they were part of a rescue mission to check for survivors, that they had received a distress call from some insectoids about pirates. After Talia was assured that they meant no harm, the Trooper came down. They saw Talia, Tizzit, L, Bob, and R-90. Some medically trained Troopers came in an offered some help. R-90 had too let them know about two others, the wookie who was not dangerous and Roger. The troopers helped them out of the ruins.

Wrabbler was invisible thanks to the force pendent he had found, and began to investigate the troops. It seems a full science team was sent down and they were investigating the ruins. They held his friends in a circle and they were being questioned. He took it upon himself to go and check on the wookie village as he saw smoke in the distance. J-04N escorted the group to Lt. Commander Mykel, who let them know once again that this was a rescue mission.
He was aware that the infamous pirate Captain Tor was responsible for the unfortunate position he had put the group in. The Verpine and others had explained the situation, and the "Doctor" even told them as proof there would be another of their 'Kind' among the people in the ruins, Tizzit. The Lt. Commander just needed to identify them, so they could assist them in returning them to their places of origin. The Imperial Navy was here to help them. R-90 of course was being rather playful, which seemed to upset the Lt. Commander greatly. It seemed he had a bias against some "working class droids". The Lt. Commander left J-04N to guard the rescued party.

R-90 began using the coms to talk to the rest of the party. Talia, L, and Xul Dul were all concerned about what they were going to do. They were surrounded by the new Galactic Empire's forces. Sure they had come to rescue them, but they were already taking some of the larger crystal out of the ruins. There was smoke coming from the wookie village, and Khorrahg'ga was agitated. They started discussing that they could possibly take the shuttle craft as there seemed to be only one pilot as everyone else was concentrated on securing the parimeter and focusing on the ruins. It would be easy to rush on board and take the pilot. "Ummm guys I can hear your chatter. We are scanning all frequencies to check for Captain Tor", the pilot said and waved to them from the shuttle. The sheepishly waved back and played it off. R-90 should have scrambled the com signals. Lt. Commander Mykel came again, he was disappointed that they mistrusted them and it began to foster some suspicion in him. Again he asked if there was anything they were hiding, but the group asked what happened in the village as they had some friends there. Lt. Commander Mykel simply stated that they had received a distress call, they found evidence of Captain Tor and deal with his crew, sent the insectoids on their way, and came to rescue them. Again R-90 was being playful with the Lt. commander, working his tolerance to the limit. In fustration the Lt. Commander walked away, promising to try and get that insectoid ship to come back and pick them up so he could be rid of them.

Warbbler arrived at the wookie village. He saw it smoldering, the village was almost razed to the ground. Storm trooper were walking among the ruins cleansing the area with flamethrowers, burning the wookies bodies. The boats were shot up, and the few structure that were left were being destroyed. It was a brutal massacre. He even found evidence that they had lined up about dozens wookies and executed them, some of them were children. The site almost made Wrabbler sick so he ran back to the group. Staying invisible he snuck in and told his friend what had happened. The made Khorrahg'ga angrier. The Lt. Commander and other troopers came in to see what the commotion was all about. Khorrahg'ga was upset at what these soldier did and was sayings some very unbecoming things that a gentleman wookie would not say. The Lt. Commander suggested for his own safety he be separated and escorted away from the group, as wookies tended to be savages. The group began to protest, but Khorrahg'ga's shipped landed with the insectoids letting them know that they were going to take them home. The other began to quickly get aboard the ship and decide what they were going to do. The Lt. Commander let Talia know that they would return Khorrahg'ga after they processed him, after all he was a wookie. If he was clear he would be released to them. He just asked if they could stay in the system. Being out gunned and out number she reluctantly agreed. As she stood on the landing platform looking sadly at Khorrahg'ga, an trail of dirt could be seen that was kicked up by the invisible Wrabber. He was running at full speed to get aboard the ship. J-04N saw this and ran to intercept the oddity. He managed to jump into the ship as the platform raised and the invisible creature entered the ship. Before he knew it, the ship had blasted off into orbit with him and a very angry L had a gun pulled on him.  

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Star Wars Adventure Path: Holonet New 07

Naval Officer 32175
In Memory
There has been a major incident within the Trandoshan System and around G5-623. As noted days ago, pirate activity has been on the rise as the transition of our Republic Force to the new Imperial Forces are taking place. A holding area on G5-623 was infiltrated we believe by one of several vessels. We are reviewing our logs to see what vessels began spamming us during this time period. As we all know the Trandoshans have a habit of bypassing protocols with their hunting expedition. A full review for all radar personal is to be administered by Admiral Sal Verdar at 1600 hours aboard the Krestel.

The holding facility was located in the Alpha Grid 44-5H. A small contingent of troops and personal were stationed there. Approximately about 40 natives were held there for questioning concerning recent activities and some possible resistance group throughout that grid sector. Lt. Zhal Gamarha was in command of this facility. All Imperial personal bodies have been identified. We grieve at this time for the brave soldiers who served for the Republic, and gave their lives in pursuit of maintaining order and peace. Let us remember their families and friends, and hope that justice finds the ones responsible for this horrendous tragedy.

M1-CK3Y        05W4-1D        PLU-70        CH1-P        D-413        4l4-DD-1N
D0-N4l-D            HU-3Y            D3W-3Y       l0-U13        600-FY      M4-X
3R-1C               Fl0-UND3R    5C-4R          MUF-454    71-M0N    PUMB-4

I.S.B. and Inquistor Y'will Tom
The Emperor has done his best to find survivors of the Jedi Order after the confusion and misinformation during the Clone Wars. While many of the order have turned themselves in and have be re-educated, there are still a number of unknown Padawans and Jedi that are uncounted for. The Emperor has instituted a new task force which is part of the Imperial Security Bureau that will specialize in the former "Jedi Rehabilitation Programs". A general recall was sent out sometime ago in hopes that we could help those that fled in fear as those within the temple bought down there own order. The malicious actions such of those of Master Windu and Master Yoda have last a lasting impression on all of us from their cruel betrayal. If you spot or suspect any individual of Jedi activity submit a full report as soon as possible to your superior and it will be vetted to the roper channels. It is of the upmost priority that any remaining Jedi be found. Inquisitor Y'will will be conducting a search on G5-623, as we believe that Master Yoda is hiding here. We have been questioning the Wookies, but so far none have offered to help us find this devious mastermind. As of to date over 400 members of the Auxiliary Jedi Order have been re-educated and two dozen Jedi have been captured and processed.  

They have been recent reports indicating some activity regarding former General Kenobi. He is another Jedi that is wanted for questioning for the disappearance of former Senator Padme Amidala of Naboo. Please look at all relevant information concerning our new initiative.  

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Stars Wars Saga Adventure Path - Episdode I "The Crystalline Heart" Part 07a

Imperial Press Corp Field Report......
Suspected Anti-Republic Group Activity: R-90 and Roger, Khorrahg'ga, Jedi Talia, L, Padawan Wrabbler, and Xol Dul,
Not Sighted:  Tizzit and Bob, PK-17 (Scout Labor Droid)
Meanwhile on Bothuwi, Khorrahg'ga had just returned back to the Jedi Sanctuary after a few transport jobs. It was mostly hauling cargo within the Bothan system that had paid well enough over the months that he could afford his own ship. Talia had been training hard as she took further instruction as a Jedi Knight. No longer a Padawan, she began her advance training while touching some of the younglings the basic of the force. She had noticed that the other were gone for a few days, and thought perhaps that Master Nu sent them on an errand of some sort. As she met with Khorrahg'ga, a young Padawan had a message that Master Nu wanted to see them both. She didn't have much time to ask the details of his time away, but was glad to see him.

They went into Master's Nu underground stronghold. She had converted much of it to be a repository of knowledge just like the Jedi Temple. Her and other worked tirelessly to rebuild the archives. They concentrated first on the essentials, but there was a lot that was missing. Many artifacts from the Temple were still locked way in vaults. She could only hope that none would be able to unlock there secrets. It was a shame since many holocrons from the ancient Jedi master would offer valuable wisdom at this time. As Talia and Khorrahg'ga approached, she slowly turned her chair to great the. She had developed a an odd habit of doing that late, which unnerved many who visited.
She looked more ancient than she did before, as the stress of rebuilding the order weighed on her shoulders. "Master Talia and Khorrahg'ga, it is good that you have come. I have news of your companions", she eyed them with intent seeming to look for any hints of emotion. "I had sent them on an errand a few days ago in hopes of re-establishing contact with a Jedi named Kento Marek. My contacts seemed to indicate he was last seemed in the Kashyyyk system and I sent them there", she continued as Khorrahg'ga seemed to perk up at new of his home world. She looked at them with deep concern, "It seems that they have not checked in. Perhaps you could look into this? I am sure Captain Khorrahg'ga is familiar with the system no doubt and would be helpful in case something has happened." Talia assured Master Nu that they would leave right away and find out exactly what had happened. They attempted long range coms, but nothing came up. Talia reached out with the force and could sense at least they were alive and on Kashyyyk. As soon as possible they both made preparations  to leave, entering the coordinates and entering Hyperspace.

Captain Tor was furious with Shawni, Galle, and Megahn. The Trilani had cost him his ship and most of the crew. What was worse he lost the new droid that made some great food. It went off with the Kel Dor and his group. It seems the Trilani were intent in accessing the ruins, and there were Jedi with the Kel Dor that could do it. He expected a double cross from the Trilani and order his Wookies to hide the other droids that these Trilani were interested in R-90 and Roger. Shawni arrived back at the village and informed him that the Kel Dor's group had sealed themselves in the ruins and that he needed Captain Tor to get his Wookies to clear the rubble. Instead Captain Tor and the Wookies attacked Shawni hoping to use him as a hostage. Shawni took several Wookies down, as his tech gave him an advantage over Captain Tor. In the end Shawni teleported out promising to make him pay for the double cross. Captain Tor began to get the Wookie village ready for an assult as the Trilani would sure be back with their droids.

Within the ruins, Xul and L checked to see if everyone was okay. It seems Tizzit was hurt rather badly. PK-17 was unresponsive, and it seems it was due to that it ran out of power. L and Wrabbler did their best to lead a mediation for a few hours to use the force to center and hopefully heal everyone. They had some time to plan what to do next as they seemed to be trapped within the ruins.
Roger had carried R-90 from the village, as most of the essential repairs were done. The Wookie lead him to a good hiding place by the ruins were no one would find them. Roger began to place the casing back on R-90 as well as re-activating the servos allowing R-90 to move. As Roger was doing a preliminary charge to re-start R-90, the floor of the well gave way and loosened as an explosion underground shifted the dirt and rubble. R-90 and Roger began to slide down, but R-90 used his grapple to secure himself and Roger in place. The earth seemed to go down a shaft to the right and plugged up again, while another shaft was unobstructed. They carefully began to climb down to explore what was going on. After a few minutes they got to a loose stone and fell down. They landed on top of Xul and L as they were about 10 minutes into their meditation. Bob was so happy that they were here and ask if they could help Tizzit. R-90 did what he could, but as Wrabbler and L said..the best idea was to meditate for the time being.

After the meditation was over, L looked at the next door in front of them. R-90 had told them that they climbed down from a well above and that they could use it as an escape. However since they were in the ruins, they should at least see if there was anything else. As L tried to figure out what to do next, he could hear hundreds of faint whispers just beyond the next door. Again he reached out with the force and could feel their fear, the chattering in his mind was almost deafening, but he knew he could channel his power to open the door in front of him. Xul prepared and took aim just in case as the door opened. There was a passage that descended into the darkness, but was soon faintly illuminated by hundred of small yellow crystals. This was the source of the voices. They cried and whimpered in L's mind as they descended down. PK-17 was left in the first hall as there was nothing anyone could do for the time being.
The stairwell led down to  a chamber housing a large red crystal. The glow of it made the room seemed splattered in blood. The floors and walls here was covered in a thin layer of dust, but oddly did not seem to shift as anyone passed by. R-90 had a feeling that he knew of this technology as it was familiar to him. He got one of his data pads and began to look for a port to interface with the red crystal. He did find something that would work, and it seemed the terminal that was connected to the red crystal adapted and began to interface with the data pad, learning much of it as it did for the group. Soon R-90 had a working interface and began to learn about the ruins. It seems that this was a Library of the Rakata Infinite Empire, it housed many crystals and also served as a prison for many that displeased the Empress Feta. There was an AI in the crystal as well that soon activated. An image of a Rakatan scholar with a sword by it side began to project as a Hologram and spoke "I am General Gorgan Zola of the Rakata Infinite Empire, Chancellor to Empress Feta, Destroyer of Galifrey, and Warden of Edean. What is it that you require?". Unlike the previous entities they encountered in the first hall, this one seemed to be the most aware. As the group began to formulate some questions, the holographic projection was going through the data pads basic information, it already mastered Aurabesh in order to talk to these lesser life forms. R-90 asked what was its purpose here, if it knew anything of the crystalline heart, while L began to ask about Kento Marek. Wrabbler was black in color and uneasy, as the power of the dark side was strong with this Holographic projection. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Stars Wars Saga Adventure Path - Episdode I "The Crystalline Heart" Part 06c

The party had hit a dead end on the only hope now was to head back and see if the Doctor had come back and if they could use his ship to somehow track Kento and his family. It would only take a matter of a few hours to reach the Wookie village that Captain Tor now lead. Although you would think the trip to be uneventful, as they skimmed along the thick canopy of leaves several stands of thick sticky webbing shot forth. The Wookie operator was skilled enough to avoid the strands and dodge them, for if not they would be pulled into the deadly forests and devoured. He hit the skiffs thruster and headed for a high altitude. He was doing his best to stay out of any radar as the Republic had begun to come down own the more advance Wookie settlements. Fortunately for everyone, the more traitorous Wookies who turned on the Republic where on the far side of the planet. Within two hours they made it to the village. The insectoid prisioners/employees of Captain Tor greeted them.

L looked around quickly for Sarah Jane and could find no trace of her. He reached out with the force in order to try and sense something. Meanwhile Xul Dul noticed a flash of light just outside the village and went to go investigate it. As he checked the road that cut through the tall grasses he could see nothing so he went on to go investigate with Wrabbler right behind. As they continued forward they encountered through feline humanoids in the company of Captain Tor. The Trianil had hired Captain Tor to find some of the more agreeable of the Infinite Empire's ancestral workers in hope of making some breakthrough at some ruins nearby. The three shared that it was unfortunate that his primitive vessels attracted the local wildlife and the Trianil were curious to whom the Kel Dor was and his party. The Captain quickly explained to them what had recently happen, and that these people were part of a Trandoshan hunting party that befall the same luck as he did. Unimpressed the Trianil asked the Captain to led them on to the village. When they got to the village. they immediately went to question Jah'hn as he happens to be the leader of the insectiods.
L checked on the progress of R-90 and he was still be repaired.

They decided to ask the Trianil what they were doing and they explained that they were looking for an ancient weapon that the Rakatan built that could be used as a preventive measure against the growing threat of Emperor Palpatine. Although the Republic was far less inferior, they did not trust the the rumors of Jedi manipulation within the senate and the recent Galactic Civil War. The group asked if they could get their help in find Kento Marek but the Trianil hand no interest and told Captain Tor to come back with them to their ship. The party curious followed them at a distance and observed that the the Trianil and Captain Tor disappeared in a flash of light. They went back to the village and would decide on the next course of action.

Once back at the village they came to the conclusion that perhaps they should investigate the ruins. After all that is where Sarah and the other said that the Doctor went. Perhaps the ship would be there or they could broker some deal with the Trianil. Tizzit went to ask Jah'hn for some help and ask what he knew. As Jah'hn was smitten with Tizzit he explained everything. He was able to translate some of the Rakatan language and it talked about that only a "Malign Force would show the Way". From the schematics they were able to get from ultrasound probes, there was some structure beneath the ruins. However they had no way to access it. When they attempted to excavate a section, there was an EMP discharge that fried most of the equipment and injured several of the Wookies. L had a feeling that it might require him to try an open the door. So they through caution to the wind and headed to the ruins. By the time they had got there it was already nightfall, and even though the Wookies had trimmed the vegetation around the area, it was growing back at an alarming rate. Within a day if not trimmed the area would be once again cover in thick grass. The ruins had several columns in the form of a chevron that lead to a dark obsidian like mound. It was here that Jah'hn believed the entrance would be found. L reached out with the force and managed to open the door, he and Wrabbler could feel the cold chill of the dark side coming from this opening. They started to quickly head down and about thirty feet they encountered another door, surrounded by a number of stranger rocks. As they got closer, these rock soon began to move. It seems the Rakatan had but some guardians in stasis and they soon attacked. The party began to quickly fight but some individuals threw the grenades they had wiping them out. As they explored further into the opening that now was cracked, they say a large Red Crystal pulsing softly. L went toward it as he could feel something stirring within. The moment he made mental contact with it he was assaulted with such anger and hatred, and for a split second he blacked out. When he opened his eyes there was a red haze and could no longer feel his body. He could see just beyond the haze that he and his friend were standing outside. The group quickly asked L if he was okay, and "he" seemed perfectly find. The real L could feel that whatever took over his body intended to kill everyone present. He mustered up as much of is willpower as possible and managed to yank back that entity and put himself back into his body. Before he could explain the Trianail showed up with several of there warrior droid dressed in a familiar white and gold. The group recalled that these types of droids attacked them on Bothuwi. As the Trianil geared up to attack, once again the group threw more grenades causing a collapse of the main tunnel.
Soon they were only bathed in the light of the red crystal, and in a far chamber could see the light of a purple crystal. Carfully L reached out and could tell what every entity in this crystal was in grief and terrible saddness. Unable to communicate with it he reached carefully out to the Red Crystal. It called itself Zool Dhool and informed him that this was a prison and that they were all doomed!